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    Maestor Seymour Guado, Inquisitor of Darkness


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    Maestor Seymour Guado, Inquisitor of  Darkness Empty Maestor Seymour Guado, Inquisitor of Darkness

    Post by Meredith on Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:37 am

    Name: Seymour Guado
    Role: Keeper for Lotus, retains all stolen hearts in the Lost Chambers
    Alignment: Heel
    Ultimate Goal: Gain enough power through Lotus' teachings to become apart of Sin, and Purge the World, in an lost cause to save it.

    Major Contributions:

    -Is able to Summon the Dark Aeon Anima from the Lost Chambers, who's power is fueled by ever heart that rests there. To face Anima in the real world, is to face him at 10% of his true power. Which still is formidable for anyone to push him back into the lost chambers.

    -Can transform himself to form metallic type versions of himself, which contain devastating power, and unique abilities.

    Lotus's Dislikes Of Him:

    -She knows he is a schemer like herself, and will use anyone he is capable of.

    - He is subtle, and will not teach her the ability to Summon Anima.

    He is not much of a fighter himself, he relies on Anima to fight for him, so if you are interested in potentially "taking him out," please speak to me about said thing. So I may arrange it. I can't find a good picture that isn't CGI or an AWFUL cosplay, but you may look him up yourself and get a good idea of him and his motives.

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