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    Tyler Collins


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    Tyler Collins Empty Tyler Collins

    Post by Alexis on Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:09 am

    Rp sample:
    *The cameras turn to the commentators, Fire and Brimstone.*

    Spitfire:"Ladies and Gentlemen. We have had a great night so far. And we have a great opening night ahead of us!"

    Gladstone: "Thats very correct Sammy. I think we are going to have a great season here in Heavy Metal Wrestling! We have had some great matches. And I think our General Manager Jackson, will continue to put together great matches and awesome fueds!"

    Spitfire: "Feuds, Matches, Rivalries, Tag Teams, Championships. HMW is climbing to the top of the ladder to become the top federation in twg!"

    *Suddenly, "I Will Not Bow" by: Breaking Benjamin bursts through the speakers all over the arena and an unknown man walks out of the curtain. He has a mohawk, his ears, nose, and lip peirced, and alot of tattoos. He is wearing a tank top and jeans. Once he gets on the stage he looks around the arena, then he puts his fingers into the shape of bull horns, then throws them up into the air and a fire works pyro blats off all over the stage behind him.*

    Gladstone: "Who is this guy?"

    Spitfire: "I have no idea, but I really like his hair!"

    *The man then walks down the stage, shaking hands with all the fans. He then gets a microphone and slides in the ring and puts the mic to his mouth*

    Unknown: "Hello my fello punks around the world!"

    *The fans are all confused.*

    Unknown: "Oh, wow. I forgot the most important thing! I forgot to introduce my self! Ladies and Gentlemen, Punks around the world, My name is Tyler Collins, But some call me the Prince Of Punk. Because thats what I am. Im a punk."

    *The fans continue cheering.*

    Collins: "Thats right. As a kid, I did everything your typical punk would do. I smoked, I drank, I vandalized. I was your typical fifteen year old. But at the age of seventeen, I decided to quit all that, and make something good out of my life. So I went to rehab, And just letting you people know, I have had a drink in over two years! But anyways, when I say I wanted to make something good out of my life, I tryed out for the varsity wrestling team my junior year. I won state, and lost in the second round at Nationals. Senior year, I won nationals, and at the nationals tournament, there were some professional wrestling scouts. After I won the tournament, a lot of them asked me for my number and said they would call me."

    *The fans all say wwhhatt??*

    Collins: "So three days later, I received calls from four different wrestling federations. I went to all four to try out, and all four wanted me to join their companies. Which of course, I only chose one, and this is the one I chose. Heavy Metal Wrestling."

    * The fans cheer again for Tyler.*

    Collins: "So now that I am here, I will not be beaten. I will one day be the greatest superstar alive. And if any of the other superstars have anything to say about it, please, please, come say it to my face! And watch me climb to this top turnbuckle...."

    *Tyler Collins goes to the corner of the ring and climbs to the very top turnbuckle.*

    Collins: "And hit my finishing move on you. The CollinSault!"

    *Tyler Collins then does a backflip off the top rope and lands on his feet.*

    Collins: "Now if you don't want to be hit with the wonderful CollinSault, then I suggest, you don't get in my way, of my path of destruction, as I make my way to the top of the mountain and someday become the Heavy Metal Wrestling World Champion!"

    *The fans cheer again again.*

    Gladstone:" I already don't like this guy!"

    Spitfire: "I already love this guy! I love his cockiness, and his urge to become World Champion right off the bat!"

    Collins: "And now, You can all have a free t-shirt to help get my tattoo shop's name across. Ladies and Gentlemen, Punks around the world, introducing, Gas Chamber Ink!"

    *Suddenly, T-Shirts start falling from the roof to every fan in the arena to promote Tyler Collins' tattoo company, Gas Chamber Ink.*

    Gladstone: "What is this? Are you kidding me? A tattoo shop? Who likes tattoos? Especially from this freak!"

    Spitfire: "A freak? Look whose talking! This guy is awesome! Not only is he an Amazing wrestler, he is a tattoo artist as well! I bet you this guy is full of money!"

    Collins: "And now, I will see all of you fellow punks later, I need to go get ready for my match!"

    *Collins drops the mic and leaves the ring to his entrance music, "I Will Not Bow" by: Breaking Benjamin. While walking up the stage shaking hands with the fans, suddenly, the theme music of Alex Riley59 bursts through the speakers as walks to the stage and starts talking to Tyler .*

    *the crowd boo`s loudly while Invincible by Machine Gun Kelly plays and Alex Riley59 walks down the ramp to confront Tyler Collins, Alex then starts waiting for silence. After awhile Alex leans on a crowd barrier, smiling with a decent look on his face.*

    Alex: "Hey yo!"

    *The crowd boo`s rigorously*

    Alex: "Whoa, Tyler, just look at those fans! I know, you are excited to see me Tyler, but I had no idea the fans would react like this."

    Alex: "Ok, it`s business time! Well, trash, I got a newsflash for ya! I dislike Tyler Collins just by the way he acts, I mean really he wants to win the title but he can't even beat me."

    *The crowd boo's louder*

    Alex: "And if he is even thinking of interrupting me i will injure him like i did in 2011!"

    *the crowd is not to happy with this statement*

    Alex: "And guess what! As I see this, there are no really hard challenges here in Heavy Metal Wrestling specifically Tyler. So like it or not, but it`s my fate to step up and take whats mines, which is the world title here! Nothing is worst for a company like Heavy Metal Wrestling than to have trash like tyler win a title! Spots have to be filled and I am exactly what Heavy Metal Wrestling needs right now, a solid and vicious animal with the aim to fill the emptiness of such incapable dumbags, who tried to build a legacy. They failed...and I...I'm gonna succeed."

    Alex: "GM! Hey, GM!! You wanna rise this company? Then go ahead, and make the right decision."

    Alex: "Give me the upcoming legend the chance I deserve, give those fans what they want! Give me MY opportunity, and I promise all of you, Tyler will never become champion. I will become the one that is able to carry this companie on my shoulder."

    Alex: "Come on, Mr.Jackson, it`s time for you to cash in!"

    *Everyone in the building awaits For Gm Jackson to come, suddenly Alex hits Tyler with the mike and runs back into the locker room leaving the crowd speechless and tyler on the floor holding his face*

    *While Tyler Collins is on the floor all bloody, the Heavy Metal Wrestling theme music burst through the speakers and the GM, Jackson, walks out onto the stage.*

    Jackson: "Well, would ya lookie here, our first rivalry here in HMW"

    *The fans cheer for the GM.*

    Jackson: "Well, since Alex Riley decided to be a little panzie and run away before I had time to come out here, he isn't going to be getting off easy. And as for Tyler here, you didn't really do anything too bad, except for brag, but thats fine with me, brag all you want Mr. "Prince of Punk". IF you can back it up. Thats why later on tonight we are going to see if you can back it up!"

    *The fans cheer loudly this time.*

    Jackson: "Yes thats right, tonight, for Tyler Collins' and Alex Riley's debut match here in Heavy Metal Wrestling, they will have a One Fall match!"

    *Tyler Collins is slowly making his way back to his feet.*

    Jackson: "I don't know about you guys, but I can not wait to see these to guys battle it out one on one in the middle of the HMW Ring!"

    *The fans all cheer loudly*

    Jackson: "I think thats a yes! Well, this match will happen later on tonight, but for now, Im outta here, we need to continue on with the show!"

    *Jackson drops his mic and starts walking out of the arena, when suddenly....*

    Collins: "Jackson.... giving me a match against this guy, is the best decision you have made all night! Thanks Jackson, you won't regret it when I kick the tar out of him and prove my dominance here in Heavy Metal Wrestling."

    *Tyler Collins runs up the ramp to shake hands with Jackson, then they leave the arena talking to each other. Slowly the camera cuts to commercial.*
    Michael Knight
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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by Michael Knight on Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:19 am

    wow sign this guy to the bench warmers

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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by TylerCollins on Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:44 am

    What? why did you post my rp? Lol, and why sign me to the benchwarmers??
    Katya Menelli
    Katya Menelli

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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by Katya Menelli on Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:16 am

    Michael Knight wrote:wow sign this guy to the bench warmers

    You want him on the benchwarmers but he RP's better than you? Mike, please stop.

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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by Cartwright on Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:27 am

    I would never boo somebody who utters the sentence, "Hey yo!"!

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    Post by Meredith on Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:54 am

    gangsta G
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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by gangsta G on Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:28 am

    not to shabby Collins
    Era Dynamics
    Era Dynamics

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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by Era Dynamics on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:07 am

    nothing to say , just good with style and detail

    Vote result: absolute a yes with a decent contract
    Forrest The Warrior

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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by Forrest The Warrior on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:57 am

    Sign him and if you dont i will kill you this is a good RP

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    Tyler Collins Empty Re: Tyler Collins

    Post by Alexis on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:02 pm

    This dude left s1.

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